County Budget Memo

NDACo BUDGET MEMO For CY 2025 Budgets

To help counties in their budgeting efforts, we at NDACo have compiled county-specific analyses of projected State Aid, State Highway Funding and a variety of other revenues along with some anticipated expenditures. We have sent a one-page, county-specific analysis to each county, however, it is most effective if it is used in conjunction with the narrative in the memo linked below.

This Budget Memo includes brief notes about the assumptions and qualifications of various budget items. We have also identified other budget issues that we think may warrant consideration.

As always, please remember that these are estimates and relative changes in valuation, taxable sales, population, staffing levels, motor vehicles, etc., may affect some of the actual revenues and costs in the next year. 

NDACo has provided this service since 1991. We hope you find it useful. As always, we welcome your input if we can make this annual communication more useful.

Click here to download the 2024 Budget Memo for CY 2025 Budget