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As the overall employer group for North Dakota counties, County Employer Group (CEG) has initiated risk management, increased speed and efficiency in claims management and reduced workers compensation premiums. Safety programs have been implemented in all 53 counties, creating a safer workplace and reducing on-the-job injuries. For a detailed description of the program, please click on "More About CEG" to the left.

Injured Worker Claim Forms

1. If A COUNTY EMPLOYEE has an injury or accident at work, immediately follow this procedure:


2. Fill out the form "Complete an Accident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis" for any work injuries that require medical treatment and FAX it to NDACo (701-425-0830—Attn: Patrick) within four (4) days of injury date:

Accident Investigation Root Cause Form


The following CEG Safety Videos are available in our ILG video library:

To request viewing any of these videos, contact Alisha Adolf at

  • ATV/UTV Lessons Learned
  • Bloodborne Pathogens in Law Enforcement & Corrections
  • Body Fluid in Corrections
  • Choose Hand Safety
  • Death on the Highway – 4 Policies to Save a Life
  • Distracted Driving
  • Hazard Communication – Is Your County Prepared?
  • Heat Stress
  • Office Ergonomics (2 part series)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Safe Lifting
  • Safe Winter Driving
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Sprain & Strain Prevention
  • Stop Work Authority

Note: The information shared in these videos was believed to be accurate at the time of recording. Please be aware that safety standards and recommendations can change as guidelines and laws are updated, and past advice or recommendations may no longer be the advisable course of action. Some occupational safety and health advice shared is specific to a task or situation, and may not apply to your specific task or situation. Feel free to consult with the CEG staff if you have any questions about whether a specific recording is appropriate to your situation.


Training videos on Claims Management and Drug Free Workplace, Payroll Reporting and Supervisor Training are below:

Claims Management and Drug Free Workplace video


Payroll Reporting Training video


2023 Supervisor Training