2023 Annual Report             

Our 2023 Annual Report is a pullout of the center pages in the print edition of the Sept/October ND County News.

You can also see and download it as a PDF here.

The video version is below and on our YouTube Channel.

Have You Explored the County Explorer Yet?

Did you know that the National Association of Counties tracks more than 100 datasets (and growing) and lets you access it with a VERY handy online map? Explore, compare and learn about just about anything to do with counties in the US.

Go to www.naco.org/resources/index/county-explorer or click the image below.

What's a Mill?

The proposal to change state and local laws to refer to dollar values instead of mills failed in the recent Legislative Session. Counties believed, as did most legislators that it would not have made property taxes easier to understand.  Learn more about the mysterious beast called a "mill" and decide for yourself. Click here to go to our Understanding Property Taxes page or find it under the "About Counties" tab.


Looking for the HR Guide for Local Government?

It has moved! Click the image to go to the new ND HR Collaborative for Local Government site where you can download it from the Resources tab. Click the image for a direct link.

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