Extension Agent

Extension Agent

Counties have a partnership with North Dakota State University Extension that delivers informal education to help North Dakotans improve their lives, livelihoods and communities. Emphasis is on strengthening agriculture, stimulating communities, developing youths’ potential, building strong families and protecting the environment.

Input from county citizens about their needs and concerns shape programs that provide research-based education locally. Citizens use the information to make decisions that best meet their needs.

This education is provided in a wide variety of ways: workshops, meetings, websites, mobile apps, videoconferences, discussions, publications, online lessons, news stories, emails, social media, phone calls, field tours, one-on-one visits and more.

County Extension agents have the support of area and state specialists and a national network of colleagues. Extension’s education, collaboration and facilitation activities create learning partnerships that help adults and youth enhance their lives and communities.

To learn more about NDSU Extension and see the staff directory, go to www.ag.ndsu.edu/extension.


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