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Presentations and Resolutions now Online

Presentations and Resolutions now OnlineConference Presentations Available for Download
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Commissioners and Sheriffs Attend White House Meeting

Commissioners and Sheriffs Attend White House MeetingNorth Dakota county officials took part in an unprecedented meeting at the White House. Six County Commissioners and seven County Sheriffs were invited to a meeting Thursday, August 29th.
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Jones Gives Update on Redesign Project

Jones Gives Update on Redesign ProjectND Human Services Director Chris Jones updated Burleigh and Morton County Social Service employees on the Social Service Redesign Project on May 30. Watch the video here.
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9-1-1 Celebrates 50 years

9-1-1 Celebrates 50 yearsThe first 9-1-1 call was made February 16, 1968. More than 230,000 calls to 9-1-1 are made every year in North Dakota. Plus, citizens are now able to text to 9-1-1 in cases where that is safer to communicate for help. In 2017, approximately 140 calls using text messaging were sent in North Dakota.
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Traynor Named NDACo Executive Director

Traynor Named NDACo Executive DirectorThe Board of Directors of the North Dakota Association of Counties, at their quarterly meeting April 26, 2018, named Terry Traynor as the Association's fifth Executive Director. Traynor has been with NDACo since 1986, when he left the Morton County Highway Department to join Mark Johnson at the still young organization. As Assistant Director of Policy and Programs, Terry oversaw more than a dozen program areas, served on several state and national boards, and played an integral role in the Association's lobbying effort. He will continue in many of those roles while transitioning into his new role as Executive Director. "I am thrilled, humbled, energized, nervous, and most of all optimistic," Traynor said about his promotion. "The Board has trusted me with the resources and the support I need. It is now my obligation to respond to their trust."
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Counties Complete Jail Expansion Projects

Counties Complete Jail Expansion ProjectsNorth Dakota Counties have responded to a lack of inmate housing by adding 880 beds in 2017. Over the course of the year, eight jail facilities have opened with new, expanded space to hold additional inmates.
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Legislature Studies Future of Funding Transportation

Legislature Studies Future of Funding TransportationNorth Dakota lawmakers serving on the Government Finance Committee are discussing how to fund state and local roads in the future. Part of that discussion this interim includes exploring possible increases to the state’s gas tax and registration fees, as well as alternative revenue ideas.
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Few Counties Have Addressed Medical Marijuana Zoning

Few Counties Have Addressed Medical Marijuana ZoningAccording to a recent NDACo survey, a majority of North Dakota counties have done little in adopting zoning ordinances to address regulating medical marijuana manufacturing and distribution centers.
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Interim Justice Reinvestment Committee Update

Interim Justice Reinvestment Committee UpdateThe Justice Reinvestment Committee is charged with continuing the study of alternatives to incarceration through the interim. This effort has been on-going since 2005 and will focus more this interim on behavior health programs for individuals in the criminal justice system.
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Mercer County Opens Courthouse and Jail Expansion

Mercer County Opens Courthouse and Jail ExpansionMercer County adds courtroom, jail space and improves security of courthouse
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