North Dakota Attendant Care Program

Attendant Care Program

Purpose - North Dakota’s Attendant Care Program provides funding assistance to local government to operate non-secure “holdover” sites for unruly and/or delinquent juveniles who have been picked up by law enforcement and need short-term supervision on a pre-adjudicatory basis.  Attendant Care requires the constant supervision of a juvenile in a non-physically secure setting.

In general, Attendant Care services:

  • Provide a non-secure alternative for the supervision of juvenile offenders;
  • Allow law enforcement to return to their regular duties more rapidly;
  • Reduce state and local liability; and
  • Provide a best practice option for low level juvenile offenders as research has demonstrated that secure holding can have inadvertent negative outcomes.


Eligible Jurisdictions - Eligible jurisdictions include the 53 counties and the four Indian Reservations in North Dakota. Attendant Care services can also be provided by one jurisdiction on behalf of one or more adjoining jurisdictions. Private agencies are also eligible to provide Attendant Care on behalf of a jurisdiction if authorized.

Program Sites - There are currently nine Attendant Care sites are in operation. Three of the attendant care sites are operated by counties, five by private providers, and one by a tribal agency.

For further information click on Attendant Care Program Guidelines or contact Lisa Jahner at 701-328-7320/1800-932-8730 or via email at