ILG Level Awards


It’s an achievement to commit to professional development and ALL of your ILG hours are valuable. ILG tracks all of your ILG training. Attendees earn ILG Training Hour(s). ILG acknowledges your training hour achievements by honoring hour level awards at the October NDACo Annual Conference.

Cut-off date is August 31 to receive an ILG Level Hour Award at the October NDACo Annual Conference. Award recipients will receive an official notice in September.

Level I - 30 Hours

Level II - 100 Hours

Level III - 150 Hours

Level IV - 200 Hours

Level V - 300 Hours

Level VI - 400 Hours

**How many hours do you currently have? Check your ILG transcript online now! Go to our homepage,, and enter your username & password in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you need help, please call our office at 701-425-0808.