GIS Program

Geographic Information System (GIS) Program

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NDACo created the GIS Program in response to a need in many counties. The program's objectives are to:

  • Provide counties with access to qualified GIS resources and services
  • Perform data analysis and create digital map exhibits as needed for decision makers and the public
  • Seek common efficiencies at the county level through an application of GIS technology and online mapping services
  • Serve as a GIS liaison for counties with state and federal partners
  • Find ways to empower county representatives with access to data update capabilities.

As with other NDACo programs, the GIS Program is envisioned not to replace county employees or vendor relationships, but as a support for counties to increase their usage of GIS data and GIS technologies.

The program has been working with counties on preparing mapping products and performing analysis on datasets that already have a GIS maintenance workflow such as:

  • Parcels
  • Roads
  • School and election districts
  • Emergency service datasets
  • Other state and federal datasets

In the future, the program anticipates assisting counties with other applications, including transportation planning, agricultural purpose, land management planning, etc.

Download a printable PDF flyer with this information here.

For more information, contact GIS Program Coordinator Kaitlyn Bakken at