Funding Availability


Funding Availability

The North Dakota Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group is committed to increasing community-based services for youth at-risk of involvement in the juvenile justice and/or child welfare systems, and thus allocating funding to support community-based organizations in developing a youth and family engagement services model that will connect youth and families to individualized services and supports.  Due to the over-representation of minority youth in North Dakota’s juvenile justice system, particular emphasis is being placed on creating greater access to services for minority youth and families.


For more information refer to the:  Requests for Proposals


The following applications were received by the deadline of 9/15/23:

1. F5 Project (At-Risk Mentoring)

2. The Consensus Council, Inc. (Restorative Justice)

3. Youthworks (Youth and Family Engagement Center)

4. Youthworks (Beyond the Game)

5. Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch (Prevention Care Program)