Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (SAG)

Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (SAG)

In cooperation with the ND Division of Juvenile Services

The North Dakota Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (SAG) was established pursuant to the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act, one of the most successful standard-setting statutes that recognizes the value of citizen-driven efforts to prevent delinquency.  Membership of the SAG is appointed by the Governor based on composition requirements set by the Act.  The SAG is responsible for advocating for delinquency prevention and compliance with the standards of the Act. 

North Dakota’s SAG has established two main goals for funding allocations:

1. Reduce incarceration and out-of-home placement through community-based alternatives; and

2. Reduce juvenile justice system involvement through positive youth development opportunities, with a particular focus on minority youth.