Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (SAG)

Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (SAG)

In cooperation with the ND Division of Juvenile Services

The Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (SAG) is appointed by the Governor pursuant to the federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act.  The role of the SAG is to monitor compliance with the JJDP Act and work on juvenile justice reform, taking into account the latest research on best practices and adolescent development.  The SAG has identified three main priority areas to focus resources with an emphasis on delinquency prevention, as more fully detailed in North Dakota's Three-Year Plan:

  1. Locally-operated attendant care programs that assist the counties with supervising youth who have been picked up by law enforcement. These services are supported by additional community-based services, such as screening, diversion and family reunification services with the goal of minimizing future placements into detention, foster care or juvenile corrections.
  2. Reducing the disproportionate involvement of minority youth in the juvenile justice system. 
  3. Addressing factors that drive a youth's disengagement with school and possible involvement in the juvenile justice system. 

The SAG has issued a Request for Proposals as it relates to priorities 2 and 3.  Approximately $200,000 in federal grant funding is available to increase academic performance, prosocial behavior, and/or family & community engagement for minority youth, with the goal of keeping them out of the juvenile justice system.  Applications for funding need to be submitted by November 25, 2020 using the forms provided.  Applicants need to select one of the following two federal program areas:



  • School Programs (aimed at reducing racial and ethnic disparities) – education programs or supportive services in traditional public schools to encourage youth to remain in school or alternate learning programs and to prevent truancy, suspension, and expulsion.