About NDACo

About NDACo

Since our creation in 1973,* the North Dakota Association of Counties has been representing the needs of county government in legislative matters and acting as a liaison between counties. A number of programs designed to benefit counties are administered by NDACo. Working closely with Congress and the National Association of Counties, NDACo also alerts county officials to national developments that impact county government.


NDACo provides leadership and services to foster effective and efficient government for the good of all counties.


NDACo will be a recognized leader in proactively addressing challenges and opportunities affecting local governments.


  • Provide a means for the exchange of ideas, information and experiences of all county officials.
  • Promote continuing education of county officials.
  • Facilitate cooperation with other levels of government.
  • Propose and support legislation for county governments.
  • Engage in other activities that strive to achieve more effective county government in North Dakota.
  • Participate in any other activities permitted by law in the furtherance of NDACo's objectives.



Many of our board members have found their orientation videos so helpful that they suggested we make them available to the public. You can find them on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/ndcounties. Simply click on Playlists and choose NDACo Board Orientation and NDCCA Board Orientation to see them all. We think you'll find our Annual Report and other videos helpful.

We also have videos describing some of our programs and services. More will be added in the future. That playlist is HERE.


* NDACo was authorized by NDCC Chapter 11-10-24:
"Authorization to organize associations of county governments.
  1. Counties, organized under the Constitution of North Dakota or organized under any form of county government authorized by the statutes of North Dakota, are hereby authorized upon motion of the board of county commissioners to organize and participate in an association of counties.
  2. The organization or organizations authorized hereunder must be organized pursuant to chapter 10-33."