911 Survey Page


911 Survey Page

Pursuant to NDCC § 57-40.6-12 the Emergency Services Communications Coordinating Committee (ESCCC) is tasked to "Request, receive, and compile reports from each governing body on the use of the proceeds of the fee imposed under this chapter, analyze the reports with respect to the guidelines, file its report with the legislative council by November first of each even-numbered year regarding the use of the fee revenue, and recommend to the legislative assembly the appropriate maximum fee allowed by section 57-40.6-02."

Each governing body that has adopted a fee for emergency services communications systems (ESCS) is required to complete two surveys; 1) the fee usage survey, which collects information on revenues and expenditures associated with the governing body's ESCS as well as compliance with expenditure guidelines established by the ESCCC, and 2) the standards and guidelines survey, which collects information associated with the governing body's responsibilities under NDCC § 57-40.6-12.

Please note... The surveys below may take some time to complete, particularly the Fee Proceed Usage Survey.  To ensure you do not lose work, please consider printing the surveys, completing them on paper, and returning later to fill in the online version of the survey.  Another option would be to save your input periodically by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of each survey page. 

Step 1: Complete the Fee Proceed Usage Survey

Step 2:  If your governing body CONTRACTS for 9-1-1 service....  
                 Complete the Standards and Guidelines Survey for Contractors of PSAP Services


              If your governing body OPERATES a PSAP....
                 Complete the Standards and Guidelines Survey for PSAP Operators


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