I Voted" Sticker Contest

Traill County 4th Grader Creates Winning “I Voted” Sticker for use in ND Elections

Fourth grader Khloe Brandon from Hatton Eielson Public School created the winning design for the “I Voted” sticker contest. The North Dakota County Auditors Association launched the contest open to all North Dakota 4th graders. County auditors contacted schools in their county with the contest information and, in many cases, went into the classroom to talk about county government and specifically elections.

Students were asked to design an “I Voted” sticker for use in the 2020 election and beyond. The only requirement was for the sticker to include the words “I Voted.” Forty-three counties selected a winning local entry which moved to the statewide contest.

“The entries were amazing; we have some very talented 4th graders in the state,” commented North Dakota County Auditors Association Executive Director Donnell Preskey Hushka. “Kids were excited for the chance to have their sticker handed out on Election Day, and it showed in their creative designs.”

Khloe’s design is a majestic eagle with the American flag. “It’s exciting that I had the best one out of the whole state and that it will be the sticker all counties give voters,” said Khloe. In Traill County alone, Khloe’s design was selected from 86 colorful designs to move to the state competition.

“I can’t wait to see everyone wearing her sticker on Election Day,” said her teacher, Mrs. Tracy Handly. “Our county auditor contacted me about this opportunity and came and explained the project to our class. I gave students some class time to create their design. In fourth grade, we not only learn about North Dakota studies, but citizenship and government. We discuss how voting is a right and a responsibility; so, this project was a great addition to that.”

The North Dakota County Auditors Association has awarded Khloe with a plaque with a picture of her “I Voted” sticker. She was also recognized at her school for winning the county competition. Attached are photos of the award plaque and from her recognition at the Hatton School. See all county winning entries along with other pictures here: bit.ly/ivotedcontest

“This was a wonderful opportunity for county auditors to get into classrooms and help educate students on the role of county government and the importance of elections,” said Preskey. “Auditors wanted to make this announcement in April, which is National County Government Month.”

Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, voting for the June election will be done by mail. However, many counties plan to include the “I Voted” sticker when they mail the ballot to voters.

The North Dakota Secretary of State is mailing ballot applications. Anyone who does not receive their application by May 11th should contact their county auditor. Voters will complete their application and mail it to the county auditor using the postage-paid envelope. Once the auditor receives the application and verifies the information is filled in correctly and has been signed, a ballot will be sent. Voters can return their ballots by mail to the county auditor’s office or deposit the ballot at a secure ballot drop box location. Ballots need to be postmarked by June 8th or dropped off at a ballot drop box by 4 p.m. June 9th.

Photo credit: Jim Johnson, Traill County Tribune