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Where do I go to find information about foreclosed land or homes for sale and when the auctions are?


Real Property Sold for Delinquent Taxes in North Dakota


North Dakota State Law (NDCC 57-28-01) states; "On or before June first in each year, the county auditor shall give notice of foreclosure of tax lien for all property for which four or more years have passed since the tax became due." Only after this foreclosure notice does tax title to the property transfer to the county, and the property subsequently becomes available for sale. Since 1999, State Law has not permitted the "sale of delinquent taxes" allowing for a private lien-holder interest in the property.

"The annual sale of land acquired by tax deed must be held at the county auditor's office or the usual place of holding district court in the county beginning on the third Tuesday of November of each year." (NDCC 57-28-13) This can take place only after proper notice, which is spelled out in NDCC 57-28-14, which reads: "Notice of the annual sale must include a description, any street address, and minimum sale price for each parcel of property to be sold. Notice must be given in both of the following manners:

1. By posting a notice at the county auditor's office at least fifteen days before the date of sale.
2. By publishing a notice in the official newspaper of the county once, not less than ten days before the date of sale."
Information regarding property subject to sale can therefore be obtained from the county auditor of each county in November, or through the official county newspapers, usually in the first week of November. County Auditors can be identified from the North Dakota Association of Counties interactive county map at www.ndaco.org/cod

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