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Election Results Show Citizens Support County Tax Increases for Important Services

Posted 11/30/22 (Wed)

County Voters Approve Nearly All Levies in 2022

Voters in 2022 proved that when they know what services their local governments provide, they are willing to approve the appropriate tax levels to support them.

Combining the June and November elections:


Road Levies

  • 28 of 29 passed (97%)
  • Average margin of approval: 69%
  • 1 Failed (Emmons) by less than 1%

NDSU Extension Levies

  • 14 of 15 passed (93%)
  • Average margin of approval: 65%

Other Levies

  • EMS levy passed in 3 counties
  • 1 mill Senior levy passed in Slope County
  • 5 mill Hospital District levy passed in Towner County
  • Two counties did NOT support increase in Historical Society levy

Other Measures

  • Voters approved Home Rule Charters in 3 counties
  • Voters approved increase in 911 fee in 2 counties
  • Voters in Renville County approved expanding EMS area
  • Voters in Sioux County chose to continue electing their State’s Attorney
  • Voters in Barnes County supported $500,000 bond for bridges
  • Voters in Grand Forks and Williams Counties did not support Home Rule sales tax measures
  • Voters in Pembina County did not approve changing Auditor/Treasurer and Clerk/Recorder from elected to appointed positions


New Office Holders

Counties will see higher than usual turnover for 2023:

  • 29 New Commissioners were elected
  • 7 New Sheriffs were elected
  • 3 New State’s Attorneys were elected
  • 3 New Auditors will take office
  • 1 New Treasurer/Recorder was elected