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CEG Program Adds Safety Specialist

Posted 7/08/19 (Mon)

Lisa Jahner | NDACo Assistant Director - Research & Programs

The County Employer Group (CEG) program conducted a strategic planning session to look at the future direction of the program and resource needs. The move was prompted in part by the retirement of Rick Moszer, as well as the desire to be sure CEG continues to fulfill its strategic mission to meet the safety needs of North Dakota Counties.

Based on the strategic planning session, a number of goals were established, with the primary goal being to maintain a strong safety culture. To more fully address this goal, it was determined that the open position should be filled with a greater focus on safety, including the ability to conduct safety assessments, accident investigations, safety training as well as monitor injury trends and other safety statistics.

The CEG Safety Specialist position has been filled by Patrick Engelhart. Patrick has been involved in safety training and inspection in private industry for most of his career. He has also worked for the State of North Dakota and served in the U.S. Army from 1994 to 2001. Patrick holds certifications as a Construction Health and Safety Technician, Associate Safety Professional and Certified Safety Professional.