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ILG Courses

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CEG Monthly Safety Moment: Working Alone

07/14/2021  10:00 AM -  07/14/2021  10:30 AM 

Wednesday, July 14th   10am - 10:30am, CT

Description: Oftentimes our county employees are required to complete tasks while working alone, and this can bring with it a higher level of risk. This webinar will discuss the risks encountered when working alone, and will look at the components of an effective Lone Worker safety policy. 

The County Employer Group (CEG) is committed to providing answers and assistance to our members through webinars, on-site consultations and presentations.

Presenter: Patrick Engelhart, CSP, NDACo County Employer Group (CEG) Safety Manager

         **Attendees will earn a .5 ILG training hour.
Important Notes:
**This is a webinar. The webinar will be recorded. If you are unable to attend the webinar, you can email Alisha at to request a copy.
**You are able to comment & ask questions during the webinar. Each participant will have a dialogue box during the webinar where you can simply input questions & comments.
**Attendees will receive an email confirmation after registration. This confirmation will also include a link to join the webinar at the specific time & date.
**Prior to the webinar, attendees will receive an email with any handouts or copies of PowerPoints to follow along.