Election Projects

Election Projects

North Dakota’s election system is regarded as one of the most unique and cooperative in the nation. It is a true partnership between the state’s chief election official (ND Secretary of State’s Office) and the state’s local election officials (County Auditors). Initiated as a response to the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2000, this productive relationship continues to serve the citizens with efficient, accessible elections.

North Dakota’s Elections Partnership

Recognizing the important role that counties would play in the success of administering elections in our state, the North Dakota Secretary of State uses the unique approach of partnering with local election officials through the ND Association of Counties (NDACo). North Dakota’s Voting Facilitator is an employee of NDACo, but the position is fully funded by the Secretary of State’s office. Working closely with the Secretary of State’s office, the Voting Facilitator conducts training, technical assistance, systems development and other election-related responsibilities with county auditors throughout the year.

Through a similar arrangement the NDACo also employs a Database Specialist who works exclusively with the Central Voter File.  Every week the North Dakota Department of Transportation provides a list of changes made to driver’s license records that the specialist uses to update records in the Central Voter File so that voters’ correct data will appear in the proper precinct.

NDACo has also worked with ND Protection & Advocacy to provide training and resources to help prepare election workers to better serve people with disabilities, including the video below.

Visit the State's Voting Information Web Site

Various materials and information regarding voting can be found at vote.nd.gov