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New Publication Highlights Benefits of Membership

YOUR Association Matters is a quick reference highlight of many of the benefits of membership in NDACo.

Download it here - just click on the image. 

Looking for the HR Guide for Local Government?

Look no further. Click the image to go to the NDIRF site where you can download it.

Post a job or find a job...

Check out our new publication:

Why ND Counties Matter

In step with the National Association of Counties' campaign to get the word out about Why Counties Matter (see video below), this publication shows Why North Dakota Counties Matter, with facts and stats that show our commitment to the citizens of this great state.

How to Understand your Property Tax Statement

ND Tax Department provided this video explaining the new North Dakota Property Tax Statement.

What's a Mill?

The proposal to change state and local laws to refer to dollar values instead of mills failed in the recent Legislative Session. Counties believed, as did most legislators that it would not have made property taxes easier to understand.  Learn more about the mysterious beast called a "mill" and decide for yourself. Click here to go to our Understanding Property Taxes page or find it under the "About Counties" tab.