ILG Courses

ILG Courses

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Got 15?! Office of State Tax Commissioner Monthly Webinar

07/14/2021  3:00 PM -  07/14/2021  3:15 PM 

Wednesday, July 14th    3pm - 3:15pm, CT   

Description: What to do in July to prepare for August.  (Tax Appeals Process, Handling Credit Applications, Finalizing Taxable Value, Omitted Assessments)
         **Attendees will earn a .25 ILG training hour.
Important Notes:
**This is a webinar. The webinar will be recorded. If you are unable to attend the webinar, you can email Alisha at to request a copy.
**You are able to comment & ask questions during the webinar. Each participant will have a dialogue box during the webinar where you can simply input questions & comments.
**Attendees will receive an email confirmation after registration. This confirmation will also include a link to join the webinar at the specific time & date.
**Prior to the webinar, attendees will receive an email with any handouts or copies of PowerPoints to follow along.