COVID-19 Resources

Corona/COVID-19 Resources

For the latest guidance for local government on the CARES funding, please read the two links below, and if you missed it, our webinar on the topic is linked below them.

Listen to the Local Government Conference Call with Gov. Burgum from 5/21/2020.

(for past recordings, contact


Following are frequently asked questions and answers related to the Coronavirus, known as COVID-19.

Click the Q to see the A. If you don't see an answer to your question, click here to ask your own question. We will respond to you by email, and we'll post it here (without your name or county name) on this page for others to see.

Important Links and Resources

Your local public health and county government officials continue to encourage preventive measures to protect against the flu and COVID-19. Good public health practices which include personal attention to healthy behaviors are the first line of defense for any illness.

Take time to review policies and procedures for workplace environment health and safety practices are in place and followed. Preparation and communication is key.


NDACo Guidance for Reintegrating Your Workforce Safely


Policies and Statements from Counties and Others

The 3/27/2020 NDACo/ILG webinar is linked here. The questions and our answers are here.

ND Attorney General Guidance on Open Meetings

ND DES Memo RE-Executive Orders

ND Dept of Human Services News Release regarding operation of Human Service Zones

Dept. of Human Services Corona page

COVID Cyber Threat News Release 3.20.20

FEMA Administrator Gaynors Letter to Emergency Managers

Memo to NDACo Employees

Memo to Grand Forks County Employees

Burleigh County Meeting Protocol

Steele County Memo

Cass County Emergency Declaration

Williams County Statement here, and they have a web page on it:

McLean County Policy

Rolette County Emergency Declaration

Mgmt Assessment of Employees Form - McLean

Pierce County Statement

Williams County Update 3-19-2020

List of County Closing Policies