Traffic Safety Outreach

Traffic Safety Outreach

The Traffic Safety Outreach Program is a joint partnership between NDACo and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). The partnership focuses on  strengthening county government's commitment to ensuring the safety of our state’s road network. Ryan Gellner spearheads this important program. He will be working closely with county officials, schools, and other organizations focusing on seatbelts, distracted driving, and drunk driving.

Here’s a video we just think you need to see. It’s a video that could change the way you drive.

Please watch it and share it with others. Huge thanks to Minnesota's Fox News for producing this.


Lastly, we all have Rules. A Code we like to follow when we drive.

North Dakota has one too. It’s called “Code For The Road. Follow the Rules, Follow the Law.”

The Code for the Road campaign tells North Dakota residents that it is okay to live by their own rules—and one of those rules should be that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up.
The latest data on seat belt use in North Dakota, collected in observation surveys in June 2013, found that the average use rate in the state is significantly lower than the national rate—77.7 percent compared to 86 percent. Seat belt use is lower for men compared to women, lower in the western part of the state and lowest of all for pickup drivers—67.9 percent.

Now you know the rules! Buckle up!