Scholarship Essays

Scholarship Essays

Austin Steiner:

If I pursued a career in county government, I would pursue becoming a Veterans Service Officer.

The duty of a Veterans Service Office is to advise local veterans and their dependents of their rights and entitlements under various federal and state laws, counsels them and actively assist them in filling out necessary forms and papers.

I feel this would be a very rewarding career because of my own personal experience with my dad and many family members being veterans. I know that our freedom isn't free. I have tremendous respect for those who put their life on the line every day for our own freedom. My father served in the ND Army National Guard for 21 years. He was stationed in Iraq for almost a year and a half when I was about 7. I know that many families sacrifice so much as well as the men and women in uniform. My family also has a long military background going back to my grandparents and many uncles.

The reason I would choose this job is because I would be able to provide services to the families and veterans that deserve these benefits but may struggle understanding the benefits they are entitled to and the paperwork necessary to obtain their benefits. I know that nothing can repay the debts we owe to them for their sacrifices, but this job would certainly show my respect and appreciation for veterans. This job would give me more opportunity to serve them and help give back to them by assisting them in obtaining the help and benefits they deserve as they have sacrificed so much for our country.


Joshua Geinert:

I've never really considered getting involved in county government when I was growing up. But when my dad started working for the county road department, I think our whole family started thinking about it more. And since I'm going into Agriculture Education at NDSU, a county extension agent would be a natural fit for me in the future.

I would really enjoy being an extension agent especially when working with 4-H clubs and helping farmers find new innovative solutions to old problems. I think that I have the personality to fulfil such a role since I hold an inborn fondness for agriculture and rural communities. I think that not only would it be educational to see all the experiments that NDSU extension service does, but it also would be a great way to reach out into the community and make a difference, solve problems and get people more involved with their food and in their county.

My family has long held roles in township and county government. My grandfather was a township officer for over 45 years and my father has been the township clerk for 16 years and counting on top of his service as Assistant Road Superintendent. And through their involvement, we have a much higher appreciation for the work that local governments do and realize how much it affects our daily lives.

When I am older and wiser, I hope to run for county commissioner. I first started to consider this when my government class sat in on a commissioner meeting this past fall. I was really impressed by the work that they do and hope that one day I can make a positive impact on my community.


Laken Breuer:

There are many careers that I could pursue in county government; however, the one that Interests me most would be that of a social worker. There are several different aspects to being a good social worker. Social workers may help individuals and families manage problems that they are facing to help better their life. They can assist in serving as a link between patients and other health professionals. Dealing with legal issues is another aspect of social work. Since I enjoy helping youths, I believe social work would be an interesting and exciting career.

Social workers deal with many different issues. There are many skills that are needed to deal with these issues effectively. I feel that I have a good start on acquiring these skills and can develop them further as I grow. Social workers need to be active listeners. I believe that I am a good listener. When people are talking to me, I am focused on the speaker and ask appropriate questions. I am also cognizant of people's reactions and why they are reacting a certain way. I am an effective speaker and can relay information accurately. I feel that I am good at helping people find ways to solve problems that they are experiencing in their lives. I am also able to think logically and rationally when trying to find the best possible solution to problems that are presented to me and others.

I know I have a ways to go, but I think these qualities give me a good start on the skills that are necessary to become a good social worker. Through hard work and schooling, additional skills could be obtained to make me a great social worker.


Zach Miller:

Today's leadership is at a point where it is encountering a change in generations. As the millennials start to transition into the real world, I believe it is of the utmost importance that this change in generations is embraced. In today's rapidly moving world, change is the only real constant, which is sometimes difficult to acknowledge. The foundation to embracing change can start at the local county government, where county commissioners gather together to make administrative decisions. In the future, I envision myself as a county commissioner because I have always felt that giving back to the community should be a priority in peoples' lives. Leadership and volunteerism will always be held as a high standard in my life. A future as a county commissioner would put those skills to the test.

As I have grown up, I have had the opportunity to gain insight about county government from my father and grandfather in their careers as they work(ed) for the Stark County Road Department. As my interests in leadership grow, I foresee myself making county government a third generation tradition for the Miller family by being a county commissioner for the county I reside in. I believe the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program will begin to mold my leadership and volunteerism skills. These skills will be continually shaped as I continue to be an active member of my community in the following years.


Jessi Lagein:

If I chose to pursue a career in county government, I would choose to be a commissioner, just like my dad. I talk with Dad after almost every meeting to ask what was decided about issues and how projects are going because the decisions that are made affect me, too!

Being the kind of person that likes to organize and oversee events, I find myself continually providing guidance when asked or when the subject in question is going downhill. Born a leader, it has always come naturally to me to be the chairperson of large projects and delegate tasks to those who are willing to accept the responsibility, asking for feedback every so often to get an idea of how phases are progressing. This aligns with the job duties of a commissioner, they oversee budgets and manage all activities of county government at once, providing guidance when necessary.

A commissioner has to keep in mind the needs and wants of the citizens, acting like a mediator between the people and the board. Commissioners should work together to set objectives and should then subset those into small, achievable goals; also keeping in mind to prioritize to meet deadlines and making timelines to ensure adequate progress.

Upon completion of college, I am not sure where I will end up but I do know that I will be involved with my community wherever I go. Possessing many of the qualities needed to be a county commissioner, I look forward to many opportunities ahead. Because of the impact I have seen Dad make, I would like to follow in his footsteps and be a county commissioner to guide the decisions I think would be best for my county.


Kaitlyn Nelson:

If I were to pursue a career in county government, I would choose to be a 4-H Youth

Extension Agent not only because I have a strong 4-H background, but also because of the struggles and successes I, myself, have experienced in my life.

When I was finally old enough for school, I was excited to learn, but learning did not come easy to me. I began to struggle with reading and with math, falling behind. It was because of an insightful teacher that I wasn't left behind, but instead was placed in the Title program so that I could get help. Additionally, in seventh and eighth grade, my dad and mom tutored me for two to three hours every night so that I would understand the material being covered in my classes. At no point did anyone ever give up on me.

Something finally clicked.

In high school I no longer need the extra tutoring from my parents. I still do put in two or more hours nightly studying, but it is on my own.  I could have gotten frustrated in junior high and could have just given up, but with the help of my teachers and parents, I have continued to learn even when it is difficult to learn. In five days I will graduate with honors.

After college, I want to return to a rural community and reach out to those kids who succeed, who struggle, and who are easily frustrated. I want to find each student's unique learning style and help him or her see that there are not learning disabilities, but instead that everyone learns in their own unique way. I want to help each individual student discover their success whether it's in a classroom or in a 4-H meeting.