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County Government

How do I find the physical directions/location of a property using the Section, Township and Range information.

How do I get a new physical address for a new rural home?

How do I search property owners names and addresses?

How does North Dakota fund its county road system, in particular what type of funding such as ad valorem, vehicle registration, fuel tax or other funding sources are used?

How many counties in ND elect commissioners at large?

is there a burn ban in effect for my county?

What does it cost to file a mortgage? Does North Dakota have mortgage registration tax? If so how do you go about figuring out the total amount of mortgage registration tax?

When are the start and stop dates for load restrictions on county roads?

Where can I find information regarding birth or death notices or certificates?

Where can I get a county map?

Where can I get information about Open Meetings and Open Records laws and practices?

Where do I go to find information about foreclosed land or homes for sale and when the auctions are?

Which counties in North Dakota have Home Rule Charters, and what are the pros and cons of having a Charter?

ND Association of Counties

Are there grants available through NDACo for county courthouse/courtroom security?

What are the dates of upcoming Annual Conferences?

What does North Dakota Association of Counties do?

Who enters the data on the interactive county map? I just noticed an error.

Oil, Gas & Mineral

How can I find out who owns the oil rights on property in North Dakota?

How do I file a statement of claim for my mineral interest?

How do I find out the value of my mineral rights in North Dakota? That is, if I were to sell them, how would I know how to establish a proper price for them?

How do we find out the name of a surface owner of a mineral interest claim?

I have inherited land in North Dakota. How can I find out if I have the mineral rights, either alone or along with others who inherited this land?

I have mineral rights in North Dakota. I understand that the horizontal drilling method allows for oil collection across a long distance. What prevents horizontal wells on neighboring land from recovering oil from my land? Doesn't surrounding land need to be leased before drilling starts?

I would like to know if I have mineral rights in North Dakota.

If I have the mineral rights to some land in a North Dakota county, how do I find out if there is oil or natural gas on that land?

Is there a list of unclaimed mineral rights, or a way to find unclaimed mineral rights?

My siblings and I inherited mineral rights from our parents. Do we need to do anything to keep the mineral rights to this property in force?

Voting and Elections

Where can I find information about voting by mail or as an absentee voter?

Where can I find out where to go to vote for presidential election??

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